Collection of data for the analysis and study of value chain processes, definition of the model to take the software and identify the actions which allow for optimization of the available resources. 

Definition of criteria for revision and validation of the fulfillment of the requisites established by the Client and delivery of daily, monthy and weekly reports. 

Statistical analysis of the available databases, in order to do the modelling and establishment of indicators and actions which allow for the determination of steps to improve the behavior of mobility. 


  • Structuring and evaluation of projects
  • Studies of traffic and accidents
  • Studies of times and movements
  • Administration of databases 
  • Tools of administration indicators (KPI) and business intelligence
  • Supply of requisite documents
  • Model simulation of specialized software (PROMODEL, TRANSCAD)
  • Outsourcing of business processes (BPO)
  • Assurance, improvement of quality and creation of operational manuals



Departmental Vehicle Tax System Management Indicators


Accident and Infractions System Management Indicators


Support software for quality management system